Photo Restoration

 Your precious old photos painstakingly restored and enhanced

Preserving and restoring your precious photographs brings your family history

alive, to be passed down the generations, as a treasured piece of history.

With time old photos disintergrate and degenerateleaving you with torn and faded images of your

dearest ones.

Inormation about photo restoration:
Your original photo is not toouched
Your image is stored on our computers in a digital format
Any types of image is suitable for restoration, slides, negatives, black and white, colours
Pay by paypal
Professtion services

Price: £10 for minor scratches or image enhancements

£20 for restoration, part of image missing, mould or water damage

£40 for major restoration, parts of faces missing, multiple pieces of image missing

£40+ for extreme restoration, photograph cracked, facial information missing, sever water damage and damaged surface

Add 5 to each order for photo manipulations (adding colour to sepia etc.)
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